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Meet The Flat River Medical Team

Melody Teegardin, RN, MSN, Train-the-Trainer

Program Coordinator/Primary Instructor

[email protected] 

Melody Teegardin is an RN with a Master Degree in Nursing, specializing in nursing education. She went on to become train-the-trainer certified, which is the certification to teach a CNA program. With experience working mostly in a few local emergency departments, she went on to work in nursing management for a long-term care facility. After working for a local community college teaching LPN and RNs, she had the honor to work with a Job Corps center, servicing ‘at-promise’ youth who desired to work as nurse assistants. With the knowledge and skills, Mrs. Teegardin had the dream to create her own nurse aide training program to promote the healthcare field in her area, with an emphasis on the emotional well-being of people we care for.We will offer a nurse aide training program with extra components to promote employability and provide assistance with job placement. Monthly classes will be offered to suit individual needs, and time will be available for those who wish to work during training.

Shelley Joslin, RN, Train-the-Trainer

Primary Instructor at our Grand Rapids location.

Traci Palmer, RN, WCC, TTT

Primary Instructor of the Paris & Alma Locations.

Jessica Kranz, MSN, RN, TTT

Primary Instructor of the Greenville Location.

Korree Foote

Office Managers for all locations.